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Why You Might Have Regrets If You Don't Use a Power Stretcher for Your New Carpet Installation

After you've finally selected the perfect carpet for your home and budget, it's time to install it. This is when you might be asking yourself whether you should try to save a little money by not using a power stretcher during installation. In this blog post, we'll explain why we believe using a power stretcher is always the best idea and worth the small additional cost.

Why Use a Power Stretcher?

A power stretcher is a machine that has big teeth on one end that grip the carpet while the other end has a handle that is turned to stretch the carpet tight. The advantage of using a power stretcher is that it gives an even stretch to the carpet so there are no lumps or bumps. Not using a power stretcher could cause your new carpet to buckle or ripple over time because it wasn't stretched evenly during installation.

When Should I Not Use a Power Stretcher?

There really aren't any situations when you wouldn't want to use a power stretcher during installation except perhaps if you're installing wall-to-wall carpet in a very small room where furniture won't be placed. In that case, you might be able to get away with not using one but we still recommend it if at all possible.


We hope this blog post has helped explain why we think using a power stretcher during your new carpet installation is always the best idea.

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